Video demonstration for a school concept
After graduating with basics in video production in 2016, I joined a media division at, an association called Jyränkölä Setlementti. During my stay, we made a demonstrational video for the city of Heinola and its elementary school Jyränkö. Not to be mixed with the name of the association I worked in.
The client wanted to participate in a contest held in Bryssel for The European parliament members. The goal was to have a demonstrational video to assist them in explaining a new type of curriculum for more active school days.
The team consisted of a director/editor and me. My part was to work as a video operator, assistant editor, and colorist for the project.
There was one client meeting, one shooting day, editing three days, and revisions with the client were done in one day.
The elementary school of Jyränkö won the contest. This brought people from around Europe to visit the city of Heinola and learn about Jyränkö's elementary school teaching methods.

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