A school documentary project
First steps
In LAB, institute of design, media content design. we were assigned to produce a documentary. This was a part of a module that taught us audiovisual production.
We were introduced to documentary making and given light documentary filmmaking gear in order to make one of our own. 
most of the team being new to professional audiovisual work, it was crucial to understand each other and work together. To help us, I decided to make this into a clear Product roadmap for us. My role was to work as a director and editor.

production plan, Hollywood camera works, shot designer

During this 2 weeks period of making this documentary, most of the team had very little experience of the gear and skills required in audiovisual field. To help us, I made a graphical presentations of our incoming talking head interviews. This way would could work faster when everyone is on the same page.
Location scout
When location scouting, we decided to photograph everything as that could be used as a reference later.

template for a video post production workflow

To fight our tight time schedule, I designed us a full post-production pipeline for us. This helped us to understand each others needs to get things done quickly without miss information what is happening in each step.

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