personal branding video
We did it!
During the 2022 winter, I was asked to make a personal brand video. I usually ask myself, what form of media would make the best results for the goal we are trying to solve. In this case, I had to figure out what the problem was and why he felt like a video is an answer. I asked a friend of mine, a service designer Anni Koivisto, to join the projects in the early stages. Anni's expertise in facilitating groups and businesses came in handy.
Pre-production consisted of meeting with the client and figuring out what would be the contents of the video with a very limited budget.
There were a total of three shooting days and two weeks of post-production with multiple revisions.
municipal election video
One evening in Heinola
While working as a trainee for "Love You Mean It" a video company, I was tasked to shoot, direct and post-produce an election video.
While having multiple other jobs, we had one evening to shoot this. When heading to 1st location we could already see the sun falling. There was no time for second takes. Luckily I had worked on a local news station in Lahti and this was not a new concept for me. All in all, it was a great experience and gave me confidence in my ability to think on my feet.

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