Where's My Bible – Werewolves of Ghost Town (Official Music Video)
"Hey! Are you available tomorrow?"
A cinematographer, Olli Tiainen, asked me to work as a B-cam operator for his indie music video.
Written by Jussi Matilainen (lead singer) and Olli Tiainen. It was a fun and exciting time having half-breed wolves running around under the supervision of their tamer.
Later the band has risen to participate in Finland's biggest festivals and they are recognized as an established metal band. Music videos have been a big part of the band's success with their active social media appearance.
Since "Werewolves of Ghost Town", the band has made four new music videos with even bigger visions than before. (2/2023).
Story: Jussi Matilainen, Olli Tiainen
Dir: Jussi Matilainen
DP: Olli Tiainen

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